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Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences (AIMS), Bangalore




II International Conference


Organisation for Studies in Literature and Environment-India (OSLE-India)




TOWARDS A GREENER ERA: Interdisciplinary Approaches




Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences, Bangalore


on 8 & 9 June, 2007




Today we are facing an ecological crisis caused by the dynamics of development and rapid environmental

degradation. This ecological overshoot is sure to precipitate a collapse of the ecosystem resulting in conflicts and disruptions. According to WWF’s recent report, the earth’s regenerative capacity can no longer keep up with the demand as people are turning resources into waste faster than nature can turn waste into resources. Habitats are being destroyed threatening the bio-diversity as well as human life. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the entire world is trying to cut this global deficit. It is felt that a change in attitude and lifestyle, a more discrete use of finite resources in the production of goods, effective measures to control and prevent pollution, and concerted conservational efforts might forestall the impending catastrophe. Modern

economic development has also taken its toll on culture, language and values.

Some of the relevant sub-themes will be:

Pollution and a Green Earth

Understanding Pollution, Health Issues, Remediation, Futuristic Green Endeavours

Earth Governance

Policies, Law and Implementation, Sustainable Development, Eco-Profit Balancing, Green

Management, Green Efforts

Green Competitiveness

Green Preparedness, Ecology and Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Management

Systems (EMS), Public-Private Green Partnerships, Green Marketing

Green Philosophy and Green Cultural Studies

Green Education, Green Theology, Ethno-Science, Ethno-Medicine, Green Literature, Eco-

feminism, Nature-Nurture, Ecology and Gender, Eco linguistics

Green Science and Technology

Green Manufacturing, Bio-Remediation, Green Benchmarking, Green Architecture, Ecological Foot printing


Call for Papers:


A soft copy of the abstract of the paper in about 300 words should be sent before the


26 of February, 2007, to the following e-mail addresses:


with copies to


Acceptance of Abstracts will be communicated to delegates only on a specified date

 (by the second week of March, 2007). Please note that acceptance of abstract does not ensure acceptance of full paper or conference presentation.


Full text of the paper not exceeding 4000 words should be submitted (both hard and soft copies) with a declaration that the paper is original contribution of the presenter on or before 16 April, 2007. Acceptanceof paper will also be communicated to presenters only on a specified date (by the third week of April, 2007).

Papers should conform to the latest MLA style. For science papers, the authors should give references in parentheses. Each paper presenter will have a maximum of 15 minutes for presentation.


OSLE-India and AIMS jointly reserve the right to publish select papers from the conference.

Delegate fee*


OSLE-Member Delegate fee:


Indian: Student:

INR (Indian Rupee) 550

Indian: Non-Student:

INR 1050

Foreign: Student:

INR 2150

Foreign: Non-Student

INR 3150


Delegate Fee for those not yet members of OSLE-India:


Indian: Student:

INR 850

Indian: Non-Student:

INR 1550

Foreign: Student:

INR 3150

Foreign: Non-Student:

INR 4150


(*OSLE-India expects delegates to be members by the time of the commencement of the conference)

The delegate fee in Indian Rupees in the form of Demand Draft / Pay Order drawn in favor of


Acharya Institute of Management & Sciences, Bangalore

should reach The Organizing Secretary

AIMS-OSLE India, II International Conference

Acharya Institute of Management & Sciences

I Stage, I Cross, Peenya

Bangalore – 560 058, India

on or before 16 April, 2007.


The delegate fee would cover food (2 breakfasts, 4 times coffee/Tea, 2 lunches and 1 dinner), comfortable

accommodation, conference kit and local transport expenses for the two days of conference.


Foreign delegates need to pay the delegate fee in Indian Rupees. Please note that money changing facility

is available at the airports at Bangalore, Chennai and all other ports of entry. Foreign delegates may pay the

delegate fee at the time of registration also.

26 February, 2007: Last date for submission of Abstracts:

16 April, 2007: Last date for submission of full text of paper, duly filled-in registration form and bonafide declaration:


Conference Venue Contact Information:

Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences

I Stage, I Cross, Peenya

Bangalore 560 058


Phones:+91(080) 2387 6430/ 4117 9588/ 4125 3496

Cell: Solomon: +91-9986371863


Fax: +91(080) 2837 8268


Conference Chairpersons:

Prof. Kiran Reddy

Principal & CEO

AIMS, Bangalroe


Dr. Nirmal Selvamony

Reader in English

Madras Christian College Chennai

President, OSLE-India



Mr. Solomon Raju

Lecturer in English

AIMS, Bangalore

Regional Secretary for Karnataka, OSLE-India


Organising Secretary:

Prof. Jyothirmayee Ramisetty,

Director, PG - AIMA Programmes

AIMS, Bangalore




Academic Committee:


Dr. Aswathappa, AIMS

Prof. Shankar Narayana, AIMS

Dr. B. Balaji, AIMS

Prof. Chitra Dasgupta, AIMS

Prof. Byra Reddy. AIMS

Dr. Narasimhan, OSLE-India

Prof. Daniel David, OSLE-India

Prof. Benet, OSLE-India

Dr. Nirmal Selvamony, OSLE-India


Host Committee:


Dr. Vimala Rama Rao, AIMS

Prof. Ramaswamy, AIMS

Dr. M.K. Jyothi, AIMS

Prof. Olga D’ Costa, AIMS

Prof. Watson Solomon, OSLE-India

Prof. Rayson Alex, OSLE-India


Organizing Committee:


Prof. R. Jyothirmayee, AIMS

Prof. K. Ranganathan, AIMS

Prof. K.N. Veena, AIMS

Prof. Sheri Kurian, AIMS

Prof. Kavitha Desai, AIMS

Prof.Ravi Koilpillai, OSLE-India

Prof.Samuel Rufus, OSLE-India


Advisory Board:


Mr. Gopal Reddy, AIMS

Prof. B. Naresh Kumar, AIMS

Prof. S. Krishnan, AIMS

Prof. Jayashree Nair, AIMS

Prof. Ramachandra Guha, OSLE-India

Dr. Dayanandan, OSLE-India

Dr. Nirmal Selvamony, OSLE-India

Mr. Gopal Reddy, AIMS

Prof. B. Naresh Kumar, AIMS

Prof. S. Krishnan, AIMS

Prof. Jayashree Nair, AIMS


For proposals regarding hosting of the next annual OSLE-India conference, please contact Dr.Nirmal Selvamony


About AIMS:


Acharya Institute of Management & Sciences (AIMS) was established in 1994 to impart excellent quality under graduate and post graduate education in the areas of Business Management, Information Technology, Social Work, Psychology, Tourism, Hotel Management, Arts and Humanities. AIMS products are much sought after by the reputed corporates. It enjoys the distinction of being a hub of trans-national student community engaged in multifarious academic activities and industry-academia interface driven by values and ethics. It has also been rated as an A-GRADE Business School by AIMA-IMRB and Business India, and as one of the top 100 B-Schools of India by the Dalal Street B School Directory 2007.


Realising the importance of its responsibility towards society and environment, AIMS takes part in the Green Movement with Organisation for Studies in Literature and Environment (OSLE) India to share its concern and participate in conservation efforts. (url:


About OSLE- India


OSLE-India is a forum for promoting ecocriticism, especially in India and also in other Asian countries. Today 'ecocriticism' has come to mean not only 'the application of ecology and ecological principles to the study of literature', but also the theoretical approach to the interrelational web of natural, cultural and supernatural phenomena.